Crumb 0008 – There Is No Comfort In Uncertainty

A great preacher once said, “I find no comfort in uncertainty. Facing the wild waters of the future, I cannot launch my eternal soul on a raft of guesswork and human opinion. Like Paul (the apostle in the Bible), however, I say, ‘I know Whom I have believed’ [2 Timothy 1:12], and ‘In Thee O Lord, do I put my trust’ [Psalm 71:1]. I’m speaking about JESUS.”

Uncertainty and unbelief are very closely related spirits, which walk together hand in hand and complement each other very well.

Uncertainty also creates doubt, which stops us from believing what is truly right.

And if the enemy can’t shake our belief system effectively, he then very subtly moves to plan B, and looks to sow seeds of doubt in our hearts to create uncertainty.

For uncertainty births confusion, which stops or hinders us from pressing forward, and fulfilling that which we have been created for.

Human Opinion Vs The Word Of God

When it comes to any specific area of life, which concerns us, and crucial decisions need to be made, human opinions are many.

Everybody pitches in with something different, be it all with good (maybe or maybe not) intentions, and they all believe they’re right, and they all may certainly ‘seem’ right. And some may seem ‘more right’ than others.

So what do we have here? Nothing but a ‘babel’ of ‘total confusion’.

How on earth could anyone move ahead in this kind of a setting? Its not a good place to be in at all. None of us would like to be in this place.

For what we truly need here is such ‘single minded’ clarity & assurance, which will enable us to make that ‘crucial decision’ correctly. For much could be at stake.

Now the Bible clearly states that, “God is not the Author of confusion, but of peace”. [1 Corinthians 14:33]

When It Comes To Our Eternal Destination

When it comes to our ‘Eternal Destination’, what we need is “absolute clarity and assurance”.

For we need to make a decision, that is ‘above all decisions’, as our eternal destiny hinges on it.

There are several suggestions and pathways that come from the storehouses of human religious opinions.

Yet not one of them can truly give us, neither the clarity nor the assurance that we need.

For none of them can deal with our sin problem. All they can really do is to teach us, how to ‘be good’ and ‘live good’, which is good, but JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

We need an assurance that is absolutely certain and infallible, which no devil can dent or steal.



JESUS CHRIST alone ‘is’ the “Epitome of clarity and assurance”. He Alone, is the One Who has taken care of and fully paid our sin debt.

HE Alone is the One Who took our place and paid our price, died our death. Jesus Christ did this so ‘hell’, a place of eternal doom, despair and regret, would never have to be our eternal destination.

Instead Heavenwhich HE has prepared for us, would be our eternal destination. That is our true destiny.

Heaven is where we truly belong. That is what we have been created for. IT BELONGS TO US. We lost it, we blew it, but Christ Jesus has redeemed us, by the shedding of ‘all’ of His Divine Blood on the cross, so that Heaven can be our Inheritance.

HE still says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” [John 14:6].

And HE says it with absolute Authority, Boldness, Clarity, Certainty and Assurance.

Now, There Is Comfort In “That Certainty”!

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A life filled with depravity, a conscience hardened and seared as with a hot iron, with eyes filled with tears on a road leading to nowhere, with an amputated spirit, devoid of any meaningful hope or purpose, moving on like a ship on a tumultuous sea without a sail, the author, from out of nowhere, has an encounter with a Living God that would radically change his life. With an infallible Hope imputed into his spirit, he moves on. Not claiming to have got there yet, but one thing he does: forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, he presses on with this Hope that will never fail. If you feel you somehow or in some way connect with any part of this, stick around. There are messages of True and Living Hope coming your way. You ‘will’ get there yet!!!
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3 thoughts on “Crumb 0008 – There Is No Comfort In Uncertainty

  1. We live in a uncertain situation in this we need to have word of God to protect ourselves and to progress towards the destination where has made.
    Jesus has prepared a mansion for us as children of God we can achieve that place with more confident and his grace.
    Thanks bro I can use this devotion in my church and family prayer meeting.

    1. Thank you Bro Sam for your encouragement. May your ministry be so fruit bearing for the Glory of God.

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