The greatest assurance that one can ever have is the assurance of eternal Salvation.

This is “the assurance” that is above all assurances!

And the Holy Spirit of God Who is a very important Person, plays a vitally important role in this assurance.


It is this assurance that “irrevocably” seals our Salvation for all eternity.

This is the true ‘life assurance’ that that we all desperately need, for the eternal destiny of our soul hinges on it.

It’s personal!

In The Image Of God

God’s first creation of man was Adam. He was created in the “image of God” [Genesis 1:26] and could operate like God, as long as he was ‘with God’.

He had the freedom and the ability to choose whatsoever he desired.

And this has carried through right to this very day, for the freedom of man to choose has ‘never’ been taken away.

God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, a place of abundant provision, and gave him a woman, Eve.

EVE, was taken out from Adam’s side, for it was not good for man to be alone” [Genesis 2:18].

To enable Adam and Eve and to exercise their freedom, God placed two trees in the middle of that garden, Eden.

The Bible calls them the“tree of lifeand the“tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. [Genesis 2:9]

There are many endless debates as to whether those trees were real or symbolic.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that God placed them there so that man could exercise his freedom to choose.

And then God gave them just “one single instruction”, which came with a ‘warning’, and “not a threat”.

God told them that they could partake of and enjoy everything that was there,

BUT of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” [Genesis 2:17]

Choosing To Live Or Die

So there it was. Man could either choose, to ‘trust and obey’ and live in eternal bliss. Or he disobey and choose to go his own way and eventually die.

So what happened? Man, tempted by the devil, fell for his trap, chose to disobey and go his own way. He was now and always would remain, a fallen creature.

Disobedience is sin. As a result of this one man, Adam’s act of disobedience, sin entered in.

And like a vicious cancer, it has spread to the point where we all find ourselves today [Romans 5:12].

The evidence of that sin is all around us and within us. [Read Crumb – 0012]

God, knowing that man being powerless and unable to redeem himself, immediately set in motion, His plan of Salvation.

This was not just for Adam, but for the entire human race which would proceed forth from his loins.

Sin, which is a wilful breaking of God’s moral Law, demands justice.

Man was then and is still today, incapable of meeting that demand.

SO God decided to meet it Himself in a bid to save His creation.

Love The Driving Force

IMMEASURABLE LOVE for HIS creation was God’s ‘driving force’ [John 3:16]

“DIVINE SINLESS BLOOD SHED’ was the ‘only way’, redemption could take place.

This was the only way Divine Justice could prevail and the just demand be met.

SO GOD, at a certain point down the aeon of time appointed a day when this would take place.

The Bible calls it “THE FULLNESS OF TIME” [Galatians 4:4].

Divine Blood had to be shed. There was no other way.

So God Himself, slayed an innocent lamb, in a symbolic act of the real sacrifice, which was to come.

HE then covered Adam and his wife Eve with the lamb’s skin, symbolically clothing them with His Righteousness.

God did this so that He could continue fellowship and communion with them.

God was determined not to allow sin to break His Loving relationship with man.

And so the ritualistic concept of the blood sacrifice was birthed.
It was to be implemented only by FAITH, and would continue in various ways, till that moment in the “FULLNESS OF TIME”.
The time and moment when JESUS CHRIST would appear on the scene.

That is when the “once and for all” real Sacrifice, would take place.

Stay tuned for the next blog, CRUMB – 0020, where the deal is finally sealed.
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