They are a powerful instrument that can produce, both life and death, they can both make or break!

They can either lift us up, or tear us down.

Words can create doubt and unbelief.

They can also create Faith and True belief, which, in turn, gives us a Rock solid Blessed Assurance, irrespective of our circumstances.

Words can keep us in bondage and also set us free.

Words influence our minds, and therefore influence the choices we make, both good and bad.

Today we all are, for the most part, a product of those choices.

However, there IS something wonderful in store which awaits us.

It is ‘personally’, about us and PERSONALLY laid up for us, which is Gloriously Eternal in its nature and stature.

Something that is implicitly and absolutely “REAL’.

Something we cannot see or grasp with our natural sight and senses.

Therefore we CAN and MUST lay hold of it by Faith.

It’s NOT blind Faith, because TRUE FAITH is not blind. IT SEES.

Faith “MUST” be based on knowledge and knowledge “MUST” be based on “PROVEN FACTS”…

Doesn’t THAT make a lot of sense?

We are constantly hearing many things through many voices in different forms and ways.

And realistically, we are either deceived or confused.

Deception and confusion are rampant in the midst of us, more than ever these days.

They are savagely ravaging the minds of men.

Out of nowhere, in a moment of time, we suddenly find ourselves living in highly unprecedented and uncertain times.

We fear the tomorrows and this fear is real.

Can we really turn to men in times like these, who are so limited in their capabilities?



This is not about religion, because religion is man made and hence it is BLIND, because men are blind.

We always have been and always will be.

So how can the blind lead the blind? For both will fall into the ‘ditch’.

This is a ditch we CAN’T afford to fall into.

So religion can NEVER give us the True Hope that we truly need.

OUR real need at this hour is TIMELESS TRUTH.

TRUTH which has withstood the storms and tests of time and still stands unshaken and unmoved.

We need that which is FOREVER settled in HEAVEN.

THIS ALONE can give us ‘THE’ HOPE that is TRUE, REAL and INFALLIBLE.

Every word spoken is a ‘seed’ that guarantees a reaction.

Everyone needs reassurance of their worth.

We need to remind ourselves each day, that every person we meet or know has encountered waves of criticism, condemnation and inferiority.

The goal and vision of Bread Basket Crumbs is to edify you.

We trust you will be set free with words of Truth and Reassurance that will be like water on your ‘Seeds of Hope’.

It is time for each one of us to lay hold of the form of sound words.

“The LORD GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary,” (Isaiah 50:4)