Crumb 0005 – God Is Actively Justifying Sinners

“GOD is actively and relentlessly at work in justifying sinners”. That is, God is actively at work in turning sinners into saints.

The Bible calls it “Justification by Faith”.

How does God do this? How does He justify sinners?
Here is what the Bible says:

“Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” [Romans 3:24].

At the end of CRUMB 0003, we had mentioned a word, “acquitted”. 

We then went on to finish the statement by saying, “BEING acquitted, by GOD HIMSELF.”

And the Word that the Bible uses for “acquitted” is “Justification”.

And so indeed GOD is actively at work in the justification of sinners. 

There is no greater need than this.

Our Judicial System

In our normal judicial system, when someone is cleared of charges wrongly laid against him, what then would happen?

The presiding judge would then, officially and legally “acquit” him. And the person would be free to go.

Some of you reading this may have experienced that, in some way or another. You have been wrongly accused of something, and when the facts have been revealed, you have been acquitted.

I have personally experienced that myself, in a court of law. And it, no doubt, does bring a lot of relief when you have been acquitted.

An Analogy

Consider the following analogy of justification.

What if charges laid against you, are correct, because of some wrong you have committed, and you have been found guilty?

What then? Of course, then the presiding judge or authority would legally decree his sentence on you.

You would then go on to pay that required price.

NOW WHAT IF, the presiding judge has the power and authority to “legally” discharge the charges laid against you, even though you are guilty?

And he does so. What would happen then? It’s simple. He would acquit you and “You would walk free.”

Can that happen in our social fabric? Of course it can.

The highest judicial authority in every nation does have the power to do exactly that.

It has happened several times throughout history. It still happens today. We know and read about it all the time.

But here is the point: How much more “precious” is the acquittal when you know you are guilty, than when you know that you are innocent?

That’s worth thinking about.

Guilty As Charged

WHAT IF, you have been found absolutely “guilty as charged”? 

Now just for a moment, consider this scenario.

But now someone who loves you so much, like your dear father for example, or someone so close to you, decides to intervene.

Maybe someone who really cares for you and does not want to see your life ruined.

If he or she can somehow, “legally”, find a way to take your place.

Somehow take your blame, and take your guilt and your charges.

And let’s say that it is well acceptable to the presiding judge.

What Would Happen Then?

That ‘someone’ would go on to pay your sentence and your price.

What then would happen to you, as the one who was initially charged?

“You would walk free, because you will have been acquitted”.

And you would never again be charged or condemned for THAT” same wrong.

It’s that simple!

Would not this be a humbling experience for you? Would not that change something in you?

For you DID NOT get, what you rightfully deserved, because someone else who was innocent, paid for ‘your’ freedom, by taking ‘your’ punishment.

The Real Thing

 NOW here is the real thing. This is a TRUTH and a “PROVEN FACT”.

GOD, the Judge of the Universe, has already, “legally” executed a way.

HE has “fully” paid the price for “ALL” our wrong doings, by thought, word and deed.

And this is paid for “ALL” time, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

HE did this by sending His innocent sinless Son, JESUS CHRIST to the cross to die.

“How that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures. And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures” [1 Corinthians 15:3-4].

This was in order to pay that required price on our behalf.

And “paid in full” it stands, even today.

LOVE for us, was HIS “Driving Force”. HE did this in order to “acquit” us, to “JUSTIFY” us.

So how does all this work for us? How can we lay hold of this “Amazing and Wonderful Freedom”?

And when we do, this is what the Bible, the Word of God will say:

Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law” [Romans 3:28].


This is addressed this in our next CRUMB 0006.

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