Crumb 0003 – Setting The Record Straight -1

“So let’s set the record of Truth straight”.

The following truth is important.

‌The words, ‘sin’ and ‘sinner’; old fashioned as they may sound, are “NOT” finger pointing, condemning nor judgmental words.

This is what most of us have always been led to believe which really is a tragedy, because of erroneous teaching.

However, they are real existential words, which we really can’t run from.

And the best thing we can and should do is meet them head-on in Scriptural and Biblical truth.

We should not fear this, for it will truly “set us free”.

Why Scriptural and Biblical Truth? Because anything else would be a counterfeit or a twisting of the truth. And there is plenty of that out there these days.

So What Does The Bible Have To Say?

When the Bible uses these words, it is pointing to our inner condition, which is unseen.

And because it’s unseen, it is spiritual in nature.

The Bible, which is the Inerrant and Authoritative Word of God, says this in [Romans 3:23]:  

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”

This is NOT a statement of condemnation or blame.

It is an emphatic factual statement concerning our inner spiritual condition.

We are born with it.

It’s not our fault, but it is a fact.

Committing an act of sin, whatever it may be, DOES NOT make us nor constitute us as sinners.

This is important to understand.

It’s because we are already and literally born sinners, which makes us commit acts of sin.

Now that changes things a bit, does it not?

That is just how we are and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Man with his various religions & philosophies, has “no solution” for this spiritual cancer.

BUT the Good News is that “there is” a way out for all of us.

If we truly and honestly look at ourselves, deep within, we know that we are “not right”.

And this “not right” nature of ours is what the Bible Scripture calls ‘sin’.

Now Here Is TheThing

NOW the thing is that if we can truly, humbly & honestly accept the fact that we are “not right”, a shift starts to take place.

If we can truly and humbly, admit and accept the fact, that we indeed ‘are’ sinners, we then will have taken a HUGE step.

For there is “power in admission” available here.

We will have then taken that Glorious “first step” towards actually being “legally acquitted”, by GOD HIMSELF.

Now that is indeed worth something to think about, for this is real.

REMEMBER…When you know the Truth ……….


This continues in the next article……
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A life filled with depravity, a conscience hardened and seared as with a hot iron, with eyes filled with tears on a road leading to nowhere, with an amputated spirit, devoid of any meaningful hope or purpose, moving on like a ship on a tumultuous sea without a sail, the author, from out of nowhere, has an encounter with a Living God that would radically change his life. With an infallible Hope imputed into his spirit, he moves on. Not claiming to have got there yet, but one thing he does: forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, he presses on with this Hope that will never fail. If you feel you somehow or in some way connect with any part of this, stick around. There are messages of True and Living Hope coming your way. You ‘will’ get there yet!!!
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  1. May the Good God guide you in your endeavour and may the people who join this group get the benefits.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement & good wishes Brother. Hope this will bless you too & that you will be able to share it with your family & friends. God bless you

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