CRUMB 0141 – Scriptures Explain Scripture

PART – #05 of “Dispensation Under Attack” “Scriptures alone can explain Scripture, which is one of the golden rules for understanding Scripture.” No portion of Scripture is for  ‘private interpretation’, writes Peter in [2 Peter 1:20]. And that is exactly what has been happening  for several centuries, and still goes on today. Christendom, for the most part, has rarely allowed…

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Scarlet Thread Heavenly Ministry


Part #3 of “THE FINAL STEP BEYOND THE CROSS” “JESUS CHRIST has a ‘Heavenly Ministry’ today, which HE has revealed only through Paul, His designated apostle for this ‘Age of Grace’. As ‘Grace Age’ believers we are called to follow this Heavenly Ministry, which is different from Christ’s earthly ministry. We must know the difference, acknowledge it and embrace it…

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