A one time event


“Just like the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Pentecost was a ‘ONE TIME’ event.”

Those manifestations of what took place in the ‘upper room’ in [Acts 2:1-16] will ‘NEVER’ happen today.

Not in any shape or form, contrary to what anybody might say or claim.

Throughout Scripture we see that when God sets something in place it is a ‘one time event’.

The giving of the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai for Israel was a ‘one time event’.

This took place ‘fifty days’ after they left their four-hundred-year bondage in Egypt.

The cross was a ‘one time event’, Christ will never go there again.

The sacrificial shedding of His Blood was for the remission of all sins of all men for all time.

And this was a ‘one time event’ [Hebrews 9:12].

HIS resurrection from the grave was ‘one time event’, followed by his Ascension.

And because Christ Jesus ascended into heaven, He could make good His Promise in [Luke 24:49].

And this was the promise of Pentecost, a ‘one time event’, which took place ‘fifty days’ after the resurrection.

The word ‘Penta’, comes from the Greek word ‘pénte’, meaning ‘five’.

How wonderfully all of Scripture ties in together when seen in it’s right context.

A Prophetic Promise

Pentecost was a prophetic promise, made known by God through the prophet Joel, in approximately 500 BC for the nation of Israel.

It was not a promise made to the Church, the Body of Christ.

The ‘Body of Christ’ was still secret, and would be revealed only through the Apostle Paul eight years after Pentecost.

Paul shows us this in [Ephesians 3:3].

So how on earth does Christendom get to covet that which was promised to Israel, God’s chosen earthly body?

Because that’s what Israel was, God’s ‘Earthly Body’, Abraham’s promised earthly descendants, “the sand upon the sea shore” [Genesis 22:17].

And hence all God’s promises and blessings to Israel were ‘earthly’.

The promised future Kingdom of Heaven would be ‘on earth’ and not anywhere else.

Whereas the Church, the ‘Body of Christ’ is heavenly, with heavenly promises and blessings, as [Ephesians 1:3] clearly shows us.

It would be Abraham’s promised spiritual heavenly descendants, “the stars of heaven” [Genesis 15:5].

And the only reason we now know this is because of the revelations made known unto the Apostle Paul [Ephesians 3:3].

That is how indispensable this Apostle of Christ is for us today!

The False Belief

Yet, even today, there’s so much erroneous teaching and the false belief that the Church was birthed on the day of Pentecost.

And Christendom, for the most part, has just about made that its annual ritualistic celebration.

Every Jewish festival laid down by Moses for the nation of Israel in the Old Testament, was ‘under the Law’.

And every single one of them was fulfilled in Christ Jesus [Matthew 5:17-18].

Yet in these days there exists within Christendom such a leaning towards ancient Jewish festivals.

Unfortunately, this PENTECOST within Christendom has just about caused more problems and confusion than anything else.

And the prime reason for this is the same as with so many other confusing issues with Christendom.

This prime reason has stemmed from the significant disregard given to the apostleship of Paul.

And that is………… 👇🏾

Refusal To Separate Law From Grace

Christendom, for the most part has refused to separate what was ‘under the Law’ from what is ‘under Grace’.

All prophetic promises made to Israel were ‘under the Law’.

And Pentecost was one of them.

Today, God is dealing with the human race ‘under Grace’

And what was ‘under the Law’, has no place and does not mix with what is ‘under Grace’.

And this refusal has given the enemy wide-open doors to make inroads into Christendom.

It has given Satan ample opportunities to make a mockery of Pentecost and saturate it with confusion.

Unending unintelligible babbling, violent shakings with quivering lips, funny faces, rolled up eyes, crash landings on hard floors……

And so the list of antics goes on.

This ‘slain in the spirit’ stuff has become one of several so-called doctrinal manifestations in several denominations.

They relate it to Pentecost and so-called baptism or infilling of the Holy Spirit.

How wrong, deceptive and misleading that is!

And to top it off, it comes with the ‘ministry-of-catchers’.

They’re men and women who stand behind you to catch you in case you smash your head on the floor.

Rest assured, for if that turns out to be fatal, there ‘will’ be a police case, apart from a whole lot more.

Most people love sensationalism and dramatics, they fall for it, and the modern-day so-called Pentecostal experience provides it.

The Spirit Poured Out

The day of Pentecost was the beginning of the pouring out of God’s Holy Spirit on all flesh [Joel 2:28-29].

And this pouring out began with ‘Jews only’. There were no Gentiles here.

We have seen from “The Blessing of Abraham” in [CRUMB 0115], that the Gentiles would also receive the Holy Spirit.

But the promise was in veiled language pointing to a day in the future.

For it was a part of God’s hidden and secret mystery program.

It’s only through Paul the Apostle that we now have that revelation and understand it would be ‘by faith’ alone.

And not by visible signs and wonders, which was for the Jew, “for the Jews require a sign”.

The Jews would NEVER believe anything without a sign [1 Corinthians 1:22].

For us today in this Age of Grace, it is, “the just shall live by faith” [Romans 1:17].

A Supernatural Event

So, what took place on the day of Pentecost, was a supernatural event, accompanied with signs and wonders.

The Holy Spirit came down from above engulfing these Jewish believers in the upper room.

There came the sound of a mighty rushing wind filling the house where they were sitting.

And an appearance of cloven tongues of fire came and sat on the believing Jews in the upper room in Jerusalem.

And each of them began to speak in different tongues, which were proper, known, ‘recognizable languages’, and not unintelligible gibberish.

This was a sign to the other Jews that had gathered there, that something Divinely supernatural was happening.

The Jews that had come in from other nations to Jerusalem, heard and recognized their native language being spoken.

They were being uttered by ‘ordinary Galilaeans’, and the people were indeed amazed [Acts 2:6-11].

This was the sign God was using to show these Jews that the Holy Spirit was making His Presence known.

God had used languages to confuse and ‘scatter’ the people across the earth at one time at the Tower of Babel.

And now He was now using languages to bring them together.

Something very significant was happening here and something was indeed going to change!

Power To Witness

Just Before His Ascension, Jesus Christ told His disciples that they would “receive power”, after the Holy Spirit would come.

But what was this empowerment for?

It was to be His witnesses right across the ends of the nation of Israel [Acts 1:8].

The entire nation of Israel had to be saved FIRST, before the promised Kingdom could be set up by God.

So, they were empowered to do exactly what Jesus Christ did.

They could heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, give sight to the blind just as Jesus Christ did.

This empowerment in fact, enabled them to do even “greater works” than Jesus Christ [John 14:12].

We see that as we read about Peter’s shadow alone doing mighty miracles in [Acts 5:15].

All these miraculous activities of the Jewish Apostles are well documented in the first half of the book of Acts.

So, the question is what was the purposes of all these signs, wonders and mighty miracles?

Well, it was exactly the same one that Jesus Christ had when HE did them for three years.

And that was to show the nation of Israel, “Who JESUS CHRIST really was”.

That HE was indeed the Son of God!

He was the Christ, the Promised Messiah, the One Whom the Old Testament spoke about, Whom they crucified [Acts 2:36].

Only if the nation of Israel, every single Jew believed, then would come the King and set up His Kingdom.

And then it would be “unto the uttermost parts of the earth”,  as the Scriptures say, with the supernatural ability to speak in other languages.

Messiah Rejected Out Of Unbelief

But Israel as a nation out of ‘unbelief’, still rejected their Messiah, displayed through the stoning of Stephen [Acts 7:54-60].

And this resulted in their fall.

They ended up losing their temple, their priesthood and their land.

The Roman General Titus, invaded Jerusalem and destroyed their temple in 70 AD.

And then the Jews were scattered throughout the nations of the ‘then known’ world.

Jews have been found in every nation on this planet right to this very day.

James A Michener, in his famous book, ‘The Source’, though fictional, brings out this truth.

Israel’s promised Kingdom with its benefits and prospect, was set aside and pushed out to a time out in the future.

Israel has ‘NOT’ been cast out by God, as has been commonly taught [Romans 11:1].

Their prophetic agenda is still right on course, without a thing out of place.

Did God know that His Sovereignly formed nation would do this?

Absolutely He did!

But it was yet a ‘valid offer’ which HE kept pressing through with them for eight years after the cross.

And so, knowing this, we should understand that……….👇🏽

Christendom Does Not Get to Covet

Christendom does not get to covet what belonged to Israel and still belongs to Israel.

And that is where so much has gone wrong, as much has been taught that the Church replaces Israel.

NO IT DOES NOT, which throws this so-called ‘replacement theology’ right out of the window.

And so, also with what happened on the day of Pentecost, does not belong to us today.

There is no such thing as the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the “evidence of speaking in tongues” today.

FAITH is now the “evidence of things not seen” [Hebrews 11:1].

And this what pleases God [Hebrews 11:6], and not babbling in so-called tongues.

In this Age of Grace, we receive the promise of Holy Spirit ‘through faith’ [Galatians 3:14], which is ‘unseen’.

And that takes place the moment we heart believe + nothing else in Paul’s Gospel of Grace [1 Corinthians 15:1-4].

“That Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again”.

And the moment we do, we are instantly sealed with the Holy Spirit, Who takes up residence in the believer, FOREVER.

We see that so clearly in [Ephesians 1:13], which is a ‘one time event’.

The Holy Spirit, Who is now the Baptist of Scripture, baptizes, immerses, places ‘every believer’ into the Body of Christ.

There is no other ‘valid baptism’.

Paul the Apostle, by direct revelation from the Ascended Lord in Glory, makes this crystal clear in [1 Corinthians 12:13].

And this is a judicial and irreversible ‘Act of God’, a ‘one time event’, making salvation assuredly and eternally secure.

Many Are Still Waiting

There are many today, who are still waiting to receive and be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

They are doing so, just like in the day of Pentecost, as they have been taught and believe.

Well, Jesus Christ will come and go and they will still be waiting.

Many falsely teach and claim that there is a second encounter, which has been wrongly derived from [Acts 19:2-6].

So many are crying their eyes out waiting to speak in tongues.

They believe that if they don’t, then they don’t have the Holy Spirit, that’s how they’ve been “Pentecostally taught”.

That is a very wrong teaching and certainly NOT a good place to be in.

This has resulted in much ‘manufacturing of the babbling’, which is ‘peer pressure’ to keep up with the Pentecostal crowd.

For the Scriptures say in [Romans 8:9] that if you don’t have the Holy Spirit, then you don’t belong to Christ.

And if one does not belong to Christ, then there is only one place they are going, eternal doom.

So many have had this fear placed into them.

This is what this wrong and false Pentecostal teaching has done, shipwrecking the faith of so many.

Setting The Record Straight

We aim to set the record straight as you read this, hoping your eyes will open to the truth.

“If you have truly believed the Gospel, that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again, YOU ARE SAVED”.

This is a personal ‘one time event’ between God and you.

And we can remind ourselves of this personal ‘one time event’ every single day of our lives.

This is the Truth, irrespective of whatever the devil may throw our way through the mouths of men.

“You have been sealed with the Spirit of God [Ephesians 1:13], the Spirit of promise, ‘BY FAITH’ [Galatians 3:14],  Who is indwelling you and you FULLY BELONG TO CHRIST”

Lock, stock and barrel!

Nothing can now separate you from the love of God [Romans 8:37-39].

And this sealing is a ‘one time event’.

You DO NOT need the evidence of speaking in so-called, modern day Pentecostal tongues.

Just stick to whatever language or languages you naturally speak.


AND GOD SEES IT! You don’t have to prove anything to men.

And you can rest in that, and have every joyful right to sing that wonderful song:

“Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine, O What A Foretaste Of Glory Divine……..”

HE is indeed yours and you are His!
















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