2000 YEARS

“Why is this 2000-year-old death of Jesus Christ so contemporary with us?”

“What does this Man Jesus Christ Who died 2000 years ago have to do with you and me today?”

This is not just a logical question, but a great one too. After all 2000 years to us is a long time.

And above all, it’s the single most important question that every one of us should be asking ourselves today.

After all, Who in the world is Jesus Christ?

We wish more people would ask this question.

For our eternal destiny hinges on it!

It’s a question that needs to be addressed, answered and seriously considered today.

Why today?

God is always The God of ‘now’ and ‘today’.

And we’ll touch on this Scriptural reason further down the Crumb.

But as ‘we’ see things, today could just be the only day you have.

Does this suggest that you could die today?

Well, that is always a realistic possibility, for we realistically know there are several thousands who will not see tomorrow.

And usually, when finding ourselves in grave situations or circumstances, saving our own skin will predominantly occupy our minds.

True spiritual matters for the most part, will find no place in those circumstances.

My Way? No Way!

We definitely don’t want to be singing Frankie’s, “I did it my way”, as we go out the back door into eternity.

For ‘our way’ will not certainly cut ice with heaven! It can only be ‘His Way’.

And that’s not just our best hope, it’s our ONLY TRUE INFALLIBLE HOPE.

But apart from this, the web of life’s busyness will rarely grant us the opportunity to consider this indispensable question.

“So just what does this Man Jesus Christ Who died 2000 years ago have to do with us today?”

If you find yourself reading this, we trust that this is that rare granted opportunity that life is giving us.

Sin And Death

Sin and death are two words that none of us like and rightfully so.’

But we need to meet them head on and deal with them once and for all.

They are horrible words and we don’t like even thinking about them let alone talking about them.

‘Under the carpet’ is where they belong and that is exactly where we want to brush them.

But here is the thing; whether under the carpet or over the carpet, the fact is that they are still there. They are in hibernation.

And the truth is, we all know it!

Brushing them under the carpet may cover them out of sight, but does not take them away.

And so this carpet, though it may look good and beautiful outwardly, the reality is that one of deception.

For we truthfully know what really lies underneath it.

The most outwardly effective carpet for this sin and death dilemma is the carpet of religion.

And this carpet of religion comes in several forms, shapes and sizes to suit us.

Take your pick!

We can even have one custom-made, tailor-made to perfectly suit our so-called righteous need.

And there are some pretty good tailors out there who and which can do the job.

Oh my! That would really seem to do it for us, and give us that sense of righteousness that we can then outwardly display.

And we all need this righteousness, despite the presiding and prevailing presence of that evil of sin and death.

And the ‘hard truth’ is that there are only two words that describe all this.


FOR, when the circumstances are right, that dreaded ‘sin and death’ will come out and raise their ugly heads.

It will happen in the most embarrassing of ways.

And we all know what we’re talking about here!

Giving Ourselves A break

But let’s not be too hard on ourselves and give ourselves a break here.

For religion at the most, is really all we can do, and hiding is a great attribute of our fallen nature.

And this hiding concept all started back there in the garden of Eden with the ‘fig leaf’ dramatics.

It’s called religion, with the purpose of ‘covering up’.

Is it any different now? That ‘fig leaf syndrome’ still carries on in full swing today. Christendom is full of it too.

And it’s still called religion! And it still only ‘covers up’.

All of us without exception are victims of guilt, condemnation and shame in one way or another.

We all have deep regrets, contrary to what we may outwardly display.

And let’s not deceive ourselves! For even if we could hypothetically turn the clock back, not a thing would change.

We would still be where we are today.

So we would do well to follow that good ‘old school’ admonition to ‘move on’.

Forgetting Those Things

The word ‘forgetting’ is probably the most exclusive Biblical word.

For this amazing verb appears only once in the entire Bible.

Is that a coincidence?

We certainly don’t think so. In fact, it is pretty amazing.

And what is even more amazing is the context in which this word is used, which we find in [Philippians 3:13-14].

“…..’forgetting’ those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before……”

And it does not stop there as Paul takes it further:

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God ‘in Christ Jesus’.”

This Scriptural statement which begins using this exclusive word ‘forgetting’ ends with the most important phrase in all of Scripture.

And it’s a positional one.

“In Christ Jesus”.

And it is this position alone that determines each one’s eternal destination.

For there are only two kinds of people as far as heaven is concerned.

‘In Christ’ or ‘out of Christ’, which is everything else.

‘God’ can mean lots of different things to a lot of people.

But the moment you bring in ‘In Christ’, that categorically, without debate and controversy, defines it and settles it once and for all [1 Timothy 3:16].

And that is exactly where each one of us needs to be.

But the choice is ours! No one can shove this down our throat.

“So just what does this Man Jesus Christ Who died 2000 years ago have to do with us today?”

We All Hate Death

Whether we admit it or not, we all hate death.

This hatred of death applies equally to everything that has breath.

And rightfully so, for it is the curse of our fallen nature caused by one man, Adam at creation.

As a result, death passed upon the whole human race, and creation. Everything now faces death.

Even in the insect world, they may not have brains enough to have it all figured out, but they all try to avoid death.

Even the fly on the wall, when you try to swat him, escapes for his life.

And it’s the same way through all of nature.

Everything is trying to maintain life, they all hate death.

Everything hates death; so why shouldn’t we?

I don’t know anybody that treasures death.

Apart from this nothing causes more fear than the fear of death.

It is the fear above all fears!

Now we know that there are probably some who are racked with pain that are maybe looking forward to it.

But under normal circumstances we all hate death.

And that’s as it should be, because it’s part of the curse.

It’s part of the fall of Adam that we should detest death.

And it’s only ‘In Christ Jesus’, one can have this blessed hope of eternal redemption and life.

The Two Adams

Scripture speaks of two Adams, both of which were created perfect and sinless.

The first was formed out of the dust in the ground in the Genesis creation account [Genesis 2:7].

This Adam, of his own free will, fell for the Satan’s trap and plunged the entire human race into sin and the curse.

This was in spite of the fact that he was not personally deceived, his wife was [1Timothy 2:14].

This entire account is documented in [Genesis 3].

The horrors we are experiencing all around us today every which way we look is because of that fall.

However, there is the second Adam, which Scripture refers to as the ‘last Adam’ in [1 Corinthians 15:45].

“And so it is written”, is one of the most powerful phrases in all Scripture.

And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul………..;”

Then speaking of Jesus Christ, Paul the apostle writes, “the last Adam was made a quickening spirit”.

The word ‘quickening’ here means ‘life giving’.

This Man Jesus Christ, the ‘last Adam’ was not created from the dust of the earth.

HE was physically born into existence through a normal human birth like us.

Even though it was through a virgin birth, it was still through the inherited lineage of sinful men.

BUT yet, He was born totally sinless. He never inherited that sin nature.

To see even how the medical profession lines up with this mind-blowing fact, read CRUMB 0047 – THE ONLY QUALIFIED SAVIOUR.

Absolutely! This Man Jesus Christ Who died 2000 years ago has everything to do with you and me today.

God In The Flesh

Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, as a Man, sinless, Who alone could pay our sin debt.

HE was the only One ‘Qualified’ to do so.

It all logically adds up and makes perfect sense.

And the only reason one does not see this is because they don’t want to!

Jesus Christ, our Creator God in the flesh, as a human being, paid our sin debt in full.

God did not come in the ‘form’ of a man, HE came ‘as Man’, for there is a difference.

That’s why God could now release His great Gospel of our Salvation through the apostle Paul in [1 Corinthians 15:1-4].

“How that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures”.

What The Resurrection Proved

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is an irrefutable, historical and documented ‘fact’.

It’s one of the three indispensable works of the cross to judicially reconcile the human race back to God.

While the death of Christ paid our sin debt, it would have been ‘invalid’ if He stayed dead, like every other self-proclaimed god-men.

History has churned out and over, many such men! And they are still dead!

And “Dead men don’t talk”!

So this great historical resurrection proves that our sin debt was indeed paid ‘in full’ with no stone left unturned.

Past, present and future sins, all of them, were paid for, via Christ’s death on the cross.

Secondly, Scripture clearly reveals in [Romans 4:25] that the resurrection of Christ Jesus, gives God the judicial right to justify us.

That is to declare us, “just as we have never sinned”.

‘Justification’ is the Scriptural legal Word!

Speaking of Christ Jesus, Paul says, Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification”.

And the third point is a vitally important one, and that has to do with Jesus Christ being the only……..

Begotten Son Of God

Many attribute the physical birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem, as being the ‘only begotten Son of God’.

However, Scripture does not.

No doubt, Jesus Christ was indeed born of a virgin who was supernaturally impregnated by the Holy Spirit.

But Scripture does not declare Him as ‘God’s begotten Son’ there at His birth.

I think God knew that the unbelieving world at large would ‘never’ buy that, in fact they would scoff at it.

SO, the resurrection would be the ‘indisputable factor’, silencing every disbelieving tongue.

It is the ‘Resurrection’ that declared Christ Jesus the “begotten Son of God”.

It is Paul the apostle who brings out this mystery truth in [Romans 1:4].

Jesus Christ was, “declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, (and how?) by the resurrection from the dead:”

Do you see that?

We also see it [Acts 13:32-34], as Paul, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, draws it out from the Old Testament second Psalm.

Check it out for yourselves!

That’s why Scripture tells us, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead (spiritually), and Christ shall give thee light” [Ephesians 5:14].

A disbelieving heart is our greatest hindrance to heavenly things and hence the greatest tragedy.

We both admonish and encourage you to ‘BELIEVE’.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished, even against all odds, by just believing God’s Word.


Every aspect of the cross, the death, burial and resurrection was a ‘Judicial Act’ of God.

The cross is not a religious carpet that just covers up our sins. It cleanses us of them, washes them away, forever!

Do not take this lightly!

We encourage you once again to…..”BELIEVE”.

A lot of people can’t understand what we have to do with ‘Someone’ who died 2000 years ago.

Because it was God Himself Who was there on the Cross.

And God’s eternal!

With God 2000 years is like a snap of the finger.

So, as far as He’s concerned, His death, burial and Resurrection is totally contemporary with us.

The Man Who died 2000 years ago has ‘everything’ to do with you and me today.

We now understand it, and now all we’re called to do is really believe this with our heart.

Apart from being sinful, man has no other role in this free gift of salvation offered by God.

Because that is what it is! It’s a free gift with no strings attached.

Why Today?

Today is your day, and here is the reason why, according to Scripture [2 Corinthians 6:1-2].

We then (writes the Apostle Paul), as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.

(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured (helped) thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)

Pilate the Governer in Rome, who tried Jesus Christ, actually found no fault in HIM [Luke 23:14].

According to [Matthew 27:22] Pilate asked the question, “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?”

 This same question confronts and challenges each and every single one of us today, “what are we going to do with Jesus called Christ?”

For we all must have ‘something’ to do with HIM.

We all must make the choice of our own volition.

Accept or reject.


A Thought Worth Rolling Over

We want to leave you with this thought 🤔

Every believer of all the ages, God saw ‘in Christ’.

And that’s one of the miracles of the Scriptures.

This is one of the miracles of Salvation.

That regardless of whether it was Adam or the last person that will find Salvation at the end of time as we know it………

……….every one of them God saw in the Person of Christ as He hung on that Cross.

YES INDEED! This Man, Jesus Christ Who died 2000 years ago has ‘everything’ to do with you and me today.







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