Well…What the hell ‘do you’ have to lose?

I can just about hear all the voices streaming in from every direction.

From all the warehouses of piety, legalism, self-righteousness, nicety and religiosity, yelling, “Now Brother, you can’t use language like that. It’s not nice”.

Really? Well, let me say it again, “What the hell ‘do you’ have to lose?”

Political correctness has unfortunately become a part and parcel of Christendom for the most part.

There are too many of us out there who are just ‘nice’, and not many who are truthful.

There are many out there who know the ‘Truth’ and not proclaiming ‘that Truth’, which is as good as being untruthful.

We hope, to the best of our ability and by God’s Spirit leading, that we will gradually bring to you, every shred of Scriptural truth.

For at the end of the day, it’s only these truths that will count for eternity.

Talking About Jesus

So what does Jesus have to do with all this?

Just about everything, because “hell is all you have to lose” is the reason He came.

The good thing about losing something is that it opens doors for us to gain something far greater.

“Now wait a minute!’ you might say; “it works the other way round too. You can also gain something and lose it too”. Yes you can. BUT not so with God, when it comes to your eternal destination, and I’m talking about HEAVEN.

JESUS came so that we could ‘lose hell’ and ‘gain Heaven’ forever.

The very moment we believe with our heart and put our faith in that wonderful “Gospel of Grace”, we get to ‘lose hell’ and “gain Heaven”.

This Salvation through the cross is an irrevocable and judicial ‘act of God’.

The FACT that our ‘sin debt’, which is impossible for us to pay, and which has been paid “in full” by Christ Jesus.

By dying on the cross for us, ‘judicially’ enables God to justify and acquit us, ‘if’ we appropriate that sacrifice through faith by simply ‘believing it’ + nothing else.

God, the Judge of the universe, Authoritatively says, Even from eternity I am He, And there is none who can deliver out of My hand; I act and who can reverse it?” [Isaiah 43:13]

The Bible tells us in [Romans 11:29], that “the gifts and calling of God are without repentance”, which means that there is “no way that God changes His Mind”. It is forever settled. It is a sealed deal.

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man.
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” [1 Corinthians 2:9]

The reality of Heaven is beyond both human description and imagination.

 Do check out the next crumb “The Deal That Seals The Assurance Of Our Salvation”.
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A life filled with depravity, a conscience hardened and seared as with a hot iron, with eyes filled with tears on a road leading to nowhere, with an amputated spirit, devoid of any meaningful hope or purpose, moving on like a ship on a tumultuous sea without a sail, the author, from out of nowhere, has an encounter with a Living God that would radically change his life. With an infallible Hope imputed into his spirit, he moves on. Not claiming to have got there yet, but one thing he does: forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, he presses on with this Hope that will never fail. If you feel you somehow or in some way connect with any part of this, stick around. There are messages of True and Living Hope coming your way. You ‘will’ get there yet!!!
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3 thoughts on “CRUMB 0018 – WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

  1. Amen – it takes guts to say what the majority will dismiss or avoid – similar to the current ‘black lives matter’ situation – if you say anything against the grain you will get slaughtered – but truth is truth . Let us never stop being TRUE to ourselves. Scripture confirms what truth is – study it be open be fair throw out vested interests …John 17v17.

    Great blog

    Brother Jimmy

    1. Amen. Thanks for the encouragement Bro Jimmy. It’s never easy. I believe God’s Word cannot be diluted. The Truth must be served neat, at whatever cost. [Galatians 5:11]

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